Pro ConVeritas

For over 12 years we have been finding and securing managers and specialists for our clients. Enabling the selection of the right personnel and bringing together those involved are the focus of what we do. Continuous transformation, increasing internationality, changing markets and shifting demographics create challenges that our clients come up against and around which we continuously have to adapt our methods. In doing so we always pursue the goal of finding and supporting the most suitable candidates for a management position or specialist role.


The advantages for our client are the sole focus and determine the methods selected. We have our own unique style here: We use the tried-and-tested methods of classic direct approach and, unlike any of our competitors, develop our own innovative and sustainably high-value concepts that take into account the requirements of our times. We also feel it´s important to always keep our clients fully updated on the progress of the project. Via an interface to our system we make it possible for them to track the project milestones on a daily basis.