We support you in obtaining the best available managers or specialists to fill your vacancy. Make use of our first-class, proven working methods and innovative, convincing concepts.

ConVeritas supports its clients across all industries with the following tasks:

* Search for and initial selection of talented individuals at the relevant corporate levels

* Recruitment

* Coaching services

* Entry onto the market

* Interim situations

Our attitude, focus and performance concepts come from the classic executive search. Our effective modern recruitment instruments and our innovative, high-value concepts constantly secure success for our clients. These clients include national and international companies in Germany - and across the globe.



ConVeritas uses the proven, target-oriented instruments of discreet direct approach, as well as contemporary media opportunities, to fill specialist or management positions. The latest instruments and techniques from coaching, aptitude diagnostics and HR development are also essential parts of the journey to sustainable success for our clients.áOur methods enable us to align and expediently use these instruments.



Our fee policy excellently mirrors the aim of our work: the sustainable success and the satisfaction of our clients. The filling of the position is merely an interim goal and a prerequisite for the attainment of the wider objective. That´s why we continue to assume responsibility in every respect long after the position has been filled. We also tread new paths in terms of communication with our clients. You will of course receive regular information on the status of the project. In addition, we enable our clients to keep a daily overview of the status of their project via an interface to our technology. At all times. From anywhere.